Open-Ended Questions to Ask at First Mentoring Meeting

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Questions to Ask of Each Other

What are you looking for in this mentoring relationship?

What do you hope to gain?

What can I do to support the way that you work or think?

How do you like to communicate and how would you like to be communicated with?

What do I need to know about you that will help make this mentoring relationship successful for you?

How long should we engage in this mentoring relationship? How will we know the mentoring relationship has come to an end?

From Mentor to Mentee

Why is this important to you?

What kind of support are you looking for specifically?

How do you learn best?

How do you like to be celebrated and acknowledged?

How can I help you create mileposts for your goals and timelines for when to meet them?

How else can I be of support to you?

From Mentee to Mentor

How can you best support me in reaching my goals?

How will you help me stay on track and assess whether I am achieving my goals?

What resources do you have available that could be of use to me?

Who can you connect me with that may help me in achieving my goals?

How have you helped someone with a similar issue?

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