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January 10, 2012

Battle of the exes: A veterinarians role in co-parenting

Do you often face clients battling over a pet in a divorce situation? How do you handle pet parents who let their furry children get caught up in human emotions? Author Steven May addresses the difficult issue of co-parenting pets after a breakup or divorce in his new book, "What About Wally?" In the book, May and his co-author David T. Pisarra examine the effects of a divorce on a pet, and how pet parents can best handle a co-parenting situation. May talked with Trends Today to offer insight and tips for veterinarians who may find themselves getting dragged into a battle of the exes.

January 03, 2012

Disney vet to head CSU vet school

Colorado State University (CSU) is naming Mark Stetter, recent director of animal operations for Walt Disney Co., as the new dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, CSU announced Jan. 4, 2012.   Stetter will become the new dean in May. "I cannot tell you how honored and excited I am to have been selected as dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences," Stetter said in a news release. "The college does so many incredible things to help animals, help people and help the planet. I look forward to joining the CSU team and helping the college achieve even more great things." As director of animal operations at Disney, Stetter was responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and oversaw the care of 15,000 animals around the world, according to a letter to the selection committee. Under his leadership, Disney’s Animal Kingdom raised funds for and started construction for a new avian care complex. He also developed and chaired Walt Disney World’s Animal Care and Welfare Committee.

December 20, 2011

Bayer, Cipla settle trademark case

Indian drugmaker Cipla will no longer use the trademark "Advance" for a companion animal product after settling a case Dec. 6, 2011 with Bayer Healthcare over trademark infringement.

December 13, 2011

Top 10 holiday dangers for cats

Share these 10 tips from the national CATalyst Council to keep cats safe and healthy this holiday season.

December 06, 2011

9 nutrition facts for you and your client

Does your client recognize the importance of nutrition in maintaining their pet’s wellness? Do you know enough about pet food labels to be able to tell them what to look for in order to maximize the health of a pet? According to research from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, nutrition is the number one environmental influence on health. By using nutrigenomics, the study of how food effects gene expression, veterinarians can use nutrition to have a positive impact on conditions such as kidney disease, osteoarthritis and feline hyperthyroidism. But what do you know about what is in your patient’s food? Learn more about pet food label requirements from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).   1. Does your client’s pet food boast the label "holistic"? Don’t believe it. There is no legal definition of the term under pet food laws, so anyone can claim that their food is "holistic".

December 06, 2011

AVMA approves Christmas flight for Santas reindeer

Santa’s reindeer are healthy and clear to hit the skies this Christmas Eve after receiving a clean bill of health from the president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

December 06, 2011

Dog food recalls cite aflatoxin

Cargill Animal Nutrition and the Procter & Gamble Company are both voluntarily recalling dog foods due to aflatoxin levels that were detected above the acceptable limit.   Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mold by-product. If consumed in significant quantities, it can be harmful to pet health. Pets that exhibit symptoms of illness including sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, vomiting, yellowish tint to the eyes or gums, or diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian. Cargill and P&G both announced Dec. 6 that they were recalling products due to high levels of aflatoxin, according to news releases from the companies.

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