#3: Develop Service Plans

At this point, you are ready to make a decision about which telehealth services you want to implement based on priorities assigned during your needs and opportunities assessment. To move forward with the best chance of success, you must first understand what will be necessary organizationally, clinically, and technologically to develop your telehealth program. And, it’s very important that everyone understands what the goals are and how success will be measured.


TIP: When partnering with technology providers, select a vendor that is worthy of a long-term relationship. Ensure they will provide support throughout your implementation and remain motivated to support successful outcomes for your practice.


  • Identify 3–5 short- and long-term goals, with measurable metrics, that are most important to your practice.
  • Determine what data are needed to assess progress and how you will collect and evaluate it and at what frequency.
  • Consider what capabilities and functions you need to deliver your desired telehealth services.
  • Identify what technology and equipment are needed and if you can use existing resources or if you want or need to evaluate external providers (see the Considerations for Choosing Telehealth Technology section for more detail).
  • Keep in mind that the best equipment or technology for your program might not necessarily be the most expensive or elaborate.
  • Determine what telehealth services should be billable and at what rates. Decide which financial model associated with the delivery of telehealth you prefer (see the Monetizing Telehealth in Your Practice section for more detail).

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