#6: Implement Your Program

You are now ready to implement your program. All aspects should have been tested and tweaked.


  • Be prepared to offer additional workflow and technical support to team members and clients during initial visits. Have a capture system for issues and comments alerting the Telehealth Champion to things that may need to be addressed.
  • Be flexible and revise processes as you learn what works best. Communicate changes to everyone to ensure consistent quality.
  • Communicate with clients at multiple touchpoints to promote continuing awareness and to drive engagement with your new offerings. Example: Use front-desk reminders, notes on invoices and receipts, videos on monitors in the waiting and exam rooms, and articles in newsletters. Email success stories and post testimonials on websites and on social media. When sharing success stories, be sure that you have complied with requirements for client/patient confidentiality and obtained written permission to share.

TIP: Plan additional appointment time during the infancy of your program, or when you expand offerings, to allow for technology troubleshooting and getting comfortable with this new approach to patient evaluation and client interactions.

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